B&O coaling tower still standing in Akron Ohio

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During some recent online research into something different, I came across some notes on a blog about a B&O coaling tower still standing in Akron, Ohio.

Finally got around to finding it. WOW, what an impressive beast! I've been around trains a lot for most of my life, and this is the first coaling tower I've actually ever seen in person.

Thought others might enjoy it.




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My neck hurts after looking at it, you need to make it landscape.

Is that remenents of the turntable there, where the track is buried?


Not sure why the pic is sideways, it looks correct on my computer screen before the upload.

Don't think there's a TT remnant there, but I'll have to go back for a closer look, now that you mentioned it.

It's located on an active CSX line, so looking around is difficult.



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Let's see if we can get rid of the 90 degree tilt:


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I did a google search on that coal tower and found a bunch of additional photos. One of the captions mentioned there used to be a roundhouse located close by - good news for me, since I'm modeling a 'generic' B&O engine terminal and I have an un-built Walthers Concrete Coal Tower kit I can use with it that looks similar, though not identical. Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks BNSF!! Looks better now.

CSX_road_slug, I'll be back over in that area probably this week, I'll try to get some more photos if you'd like them.


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That is a cool structure from days gone by! Cooling towers hold a special appeal because there are so few left and because they remind us of the steam operations they directly supported. Thanks for the pic.

There are a few local coaling towers I have intended to photograph for some time. Need to get to it... Did shoot a couple in Tennessee a few years back. One of the sites floods certain times of the year. I'd LOVE to wade out there and shoot it at night! Here is one of the images from the past trip. http://ericmcferrin.smugmug.com/IndustrialHistory-1/Railroad-Coaling-Towers-1/i-3G7gGgq/L


That's a really cool pic Grande!!

Better get the others photographed while you can, they are a vanishing breed.


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