1. ATSF 3600!

    ATSF 3600!

    A model Santa Fe 3600 wearing the "Yellow Bonnett" paint scheme shows off! (Running out of things to say)
  2. ATSF 3501..........

    ATSF 3501..........

    A shot of my model ATSF 3501! This loco is obviously in the "Yellow Bonnett" paint scheme!
  3. Snoot??????


    Here is a shot of my one and only ATSF SD40-2 Snoot Nose!! I acquired this loco only two weeks ago! I applied the handrails!!!! Yeah, I know, I'm pretty good!
  4. ATSF Yellow Bonnett!

    ATSF Yellow Bonnett!

    A shot of "my" ATSF yellow bonnett! Yay!!