wiring diagram

  1. GuilfordRailman

    Need Information on Properly Wiring My Layout

    I will be starting track work soon on my 1 ft x 6.5 ft HO scale shelf switching layout and need some help with understanding the difference in wiring gauges and which is best for my setup. I lack knowledge in this area and could use some help. Here is a basic schematic showing how many feeders I...
  2. GuilfordRailman

    What gauge wire should I use for DPDT momentary toggle controls?

    Wiring and electrical work is not my strong suit. I’m in the process of preparing to wire up two DPDT momentary toggle switches to my Kato turnouts. The max amps for the turnouts is 3 with a recommended .5 to .8 amps for powering each turnout. I’m utilizing a 1.5 amp 12V wall adapter to provide...
  3. D

    DCC wiring info for Atlas ho Berkshire Route #35

    I would like to convert my dc Berkshire valley layout to DCC and have been unable to find much guidance or a diagram to do this. Any help would be appreciated. I really appreciate all the replies I have received. Thanks Dan