1. Yard Lead Switching

    Yard Lead Switching

    0-6-0 #135 works a long string of boxcars on the yard lead at Hopewell Junction on an August day in 1925.
  2. Chessie 4137 & N&W 2009

    Chessie 4137 & N&W 2009

    Passing through Calumet South with a through freight bound for Van Loon, via C&SFT rails.
  3. Summer Night in Hopewell Junction

    Summer Night in Hopewell Junction

    On a Summer's night, under a moonlit sky, the people of the village have gathered to hear the Papec Band perform in the park. Rumor has it that famous Opera Singer Raymundo Howard may make a surprise visit and sing a song with the band as he was seen back home visiting his parents earlier in...
  4. Midnight!  Christmas Eve in Hopewell Junction

    Midnight! Christmas Eve in Hopewell Junction

    Twas the night before Christmas. Merry Christmas to all, And to all a Good Night!
  5. GTW 6210 Mug Shot

    GTW 6210 Mug Shot

    The nose of the GTW 6210.
  6. CNW/FVR SD9's at Erie IL

    CNW/FVR SD9's at Erie IL

    Two SD9s lead a short manifest Northbound on the Fever River Layout. The train is passing the Erie Illinois Station where roofing work is being done. Kudos to Dave Moore for an excellent job on the station!
  7. Morning Freight

    Morning Freight

    The morning freight rolls by the roundhouse at Hopewell Junction.
  8. Conquering the Hill

    Conquering the Hill

    The S.L.O.&W.'s largest engine, USRA 2-6-6-2 Mallet #326, pulls a long consist of boxcars up a 2% grade under a full head of steam.
  9. DRGW??


    A shot of a Denver Rio Grande Western GP10! These are rare units to find at hobby shops around here! It has the small lettering though..........