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    Grain Unloading on a budget

    I could see this place from the interstate, where I used to live, and they would occasionally see a three bay covered hopper spotted by it. It looked like just a regular warehouse, though it did have a couple silos by the track. On the occasions when the track was empty, I didn't see an...
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    Sand Facility

    This facility is on the CSX in Georgia. The track itself is the remnant of the Atlanta and West Point mainline connection to the Georgia Railroad's Hulsey Yard. The Bing Bird's Eye view is here. With it, you can easily see that there is plenty of room for an entire unit train of sand. While...
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    Granite Block Transload

    In Elberton, Georgia, granite is mined in blocks rather than stones. This facility is on the CSX, obviously. The gantry crane/roof is about 60ft x 250ft. There is an open storage yard to the left, which is about 250ft x 250ft. The height of this one is probably about 40ft, but if...
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    Untreated Crosstie Handling

    This spur track is actually for a propane gas company, but I haven't seen any of those with a car of propane in ages, in my areas anyway. There is a plywood plant not far from this siding. I presume the middle of the tree is cut to size, and thrown into a gondola. You can barely make out...
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    BOC Gas Transload

    Hi, I posted this information originally on another forum, but that place is a ghost town, and this one isn't. This is a simple transload area. The placards on the cars indicate a carbon dioxide refridgerated liquid, I don't know which one. It could even be just plain Carbon Dioxide...