1. The 638 Headed Out

    The 638 Headed Out

    The P&N 638 heads out of town after picking up an empty carbon black hopper from the printing company. The overgrown right of way reflects the sad state of financial affairs facing a typical Southern shortline.
  2. Leaving the Streets

    Leaving the Streets

    The A & B unit pair gets ready to re-enter normal trackage from street trackage.
  3. millstreet


    Here's a pic looking north down Mill Street in the town of Barewood on the Northside of the layout. Long neglected by the powers that be (me), I spoke to the two residents pictured as they walked by. Their first complaint was the dust build up on the ground and then they complained about the...
  4. Street Car at Night

    Street Car at Night

    Night image of street car coming out of tunnel.
  5. at Third Street District

    at Third Street District

    station stop at Third Street Industrial District, here's a short WevVideo: RDC (10MB)
  6. GE 44-ton WT 4 "Henry"

    GE 44-ton WT 4 "Henry"

    Switching at Third Street Industrial District. Model: Keystone with light and ESU sound Westport Terminal RR