1. signal 1.jpg

    signal 1.jpg

    New signal pole on the layout. HO scale, kit by JL Innovation.
  2. T

    Found a traffic signal - does anyone know what this is?

    Hi everyone, I found this small traffic signal that is very different than anything I ever seen before. It has "Japan" printed on the bottom of the base. I am attaching the photos below if anyone can tell me the brand, scale, and possibly when it was made. It measures approximately 4-1/2" tall...
  3. R

    Traincontroller - a Series of 55 'How To' Videos

    Over the past couple of years I did a series of videos on Traincontroller. They have been posted on several European Model Railway forums, but not here. I don't remember how come. Anyhow ... here they are now. Traincontroller is model railway control software for Windows PC / laptop. There are...
  4. Headin' Down the Hill

    Headin' Down the Hill

    Southern Pacific SD40T-2 #8251 leads a train downhill near between Timber and Shaniko on the Mount Hood Model Engineers HO Scale layout.


    THE ROCK passes under the signal bridge at the South end of Chip Yard.
  6. TC&I Signal

    TC&I Signal

    Bulldozed history...
  7. Tennessee Coal and Iron Signal

    Tennessee Coal and Iron Signal

    Bulldozed TC&I signal. It controlled the interchange between TC&I and Woodward Iron ore mines on Red Mountain, Birmingham, Ala.