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    Life-Like Proto 2000 SD7 Gear Ratio?

    Does anyone happen to know off hand what the gear ratio is on a Life-Like Proto 2000 SD7? I tried googling it, but couldn't find anything.
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    Proto 2000 SD7 & SD9 Shell Question

    Hello all, I currently have a Proto 2000 Denver & Rio Grande Western SD7 locomotive. My favorite railroad is BNSF and I see Proto 2000 has made BNSF & Great Northern SD9 locomotives. My question is, would a Proto 2000 SD9 shell fit onto the body of a Proto 2000 SD7?
  3. SD9B


    Athearn SD9 (or 7) with a Smokey Valley SD24B conversion kit. Added are headlights, air tanks, Paducah air filter, and new stacks.