1. BN rainbow

    BN rainbow

    I was thinking of the colorful consists I used to see on the Burlington Northern in the mid 1990s and thought I'd put one together. It is GATX 7357, LMX 8527, ATSF 220, NS 3182 and BN 9284. The LMX and NS are RailPower shells on Athearn drives the rest are more recent Athearns.
  2. Oregon's first Free-mo setup!

    Oregon's first Free-mo setup!

    The first train on Oregon free-mo's first set up is lead by, what else, a NS SD40 running backward. Somehow it doesn't make any sense but trains were running!
  3. NS 3182

    NS 3182

    My second choice for the Aug07 photo contest, as if you could pick one favorite locomotive! RailPower SD40 shell on Athearn drive, Cannon high nose.