1. RIP - don't wake up the guy taking a nap....

    RIP - don't wake up the guy taking a nap....

    Old Overland car #34 needs some work on her brakes. It seems one of the repair crew arrived early and is taking a nap. I think the other guys may have something in store for him.......
  2. Old Overland Baggage and Coach

    Old Overland Baggage and Coach

    These two Pocher Overland cars were given to me at least 25 years ago by my FIL. After sitting on the shelf for the last 22 years, I recently got them out repainted them, put new trucks and Kadee Couplers on them and decaled them for the Seneca Lake, Ontario, and Western RR. They were...
  3. Cooley's Blue Ice

    Cooley's Blue Ice

    In August of 1925, Cooley's Blue Ice is still serving the Hopewell Junction area after almost 40 years in business. Little does Mr. Cooley know that Electric Refrigeration and the coming depression will soon spell the end of an era..... Ice House is scratchbuilt from scale lumber sawed on a...
  4. Saturday in the Park

    Saturday in the Park

    A lazy hot Saturday afternoon in the Park at Hopewell Junction in mid August. The band has started with a Sousa March and the crowd has settled in for the afternoon concert. The only sign of work is the SLO&W Decapod shifting a line of boxcars over the hill to the interchange at...
  5. Summer Night in Hopewell Junction

    Summer Night in Hopewell Junction

    On a Summer's night, under a moonlit sky, the people of the village have gathered to hear the Papec Band perform in the park. Rumor has it that famous Opera Singer Raymundo Howard may make a surprise visit and sing a song with the band as he was seen back home visiting his parents earlier in...
  6. Midnight!  Christmas Eve in Hopewell Junction

    Midnight! Christmas Eve in Hopewell Junction

    Twas the night before Christmas. Merry Christmas to all, And to all a Good Night!
  7. August Ice

    August Ice

    The engineer of SLOW Decapod #279 awaits the order to move the last 3 reefers of ice from Cooley's Blue ice in August of 1925. These will soon be in a freight bound for the City of Rochester. The ice house, the ice lift, horse shed, and fence are all scratch built right down to individual...
  8. Makin' the Grade!

    Makin' the Grade!

    USRA Mallet #236 Climbs the hardest grade on the Seneca Lake, Ontario, and Western pulling a string of boxcars. She is the workhorse of the roster and is earning her keep today. You ought to hear the stack talk!
  9. Durned thing don't wanna start boys!

    Durned thing don't wanna start boys!

    Gramps and his son have come over to the roundhouse to see his old buddies back in August 1925. After a nice chat, he can't seem to get the Model A Ford to start. Luckily his friends come over to give him a hand. Good thing too, his son is getting tired. Dang that car cranks hard!
  10. Morning Freight

    Morning Freight

    The morning freight rolls by the roundhouse at Hopewell Junction.
  11. At the Ash Pit

    At the Ash Pit

    Decapod #279 has just sauntered off the turntable as American #499 takes on water after dumping her ashes before moving to the roundhouse for minor repairs.
  12. Conquering the Hill

    Conquering the Hill

    The S.L.O.&W.'s largest engine, USRA 2-6-6-2 Mallet #326, pulls a long consist of boxcars up a 2% grade under a full head of steam.
  13. Claire de Lune

    Claire de Lune

    Loco #402 sits and waits for permission to enter the yard under a full moon on this beautiful clear summer's night. (Yep, this was done with photoshop, but it is a photo of my layout. Color, exposure, and lighting were changed and enhanced. Also the headlights were added to the Model T truck.)