1. How the Railbox Turned Out

    How the Railbox Turned Out

    This was my fourth car, but it looks like my negative 35th. I detailed her with new stirrups, coupler lift bars, and air hoses. Sold for over $15, which was a loss.
  2. Progress on my Railbox

    Progress on my Railbox

    This is the latest progress on my Athearn RTR PS 5277 Railbox. This car now sports a golden-brown color common on many Railboxes.
  3. CSXT 503278 (EX-RBOX) rusty box car

    CSXT 503278 (EX-RBOX) rusty box car

    O.K., one last one! Hehe. After this car, I'll lay off for awhile and wait for others to post. This is my newest car...a secondhand FMC RAIL BOX box car aquired by CSX TRANSPORTATION. The patch and worn-out graffiti are inspired by the real car. This was a FUN project. CSX has some crazy cars!
  4. BN 249241 (EX-RBOX) ACF box car

    BN 249241 (EX-RBOX) ACF box car

    I promise not to bore you with too many more! Hehe. I just like this former RAIL BOX car that was purchased by BURLINGTON NORTHERN. It's based on a real car and I even tried to copy the graffiti. This is MrKLUKE car#118 and it features some different things for me. First, I modified the door so...