1. HO Scale MILW

    How Can I Get My Camera To Work Better When Railfanning?

    I know this isn't a model railroad subject, but I'm still curious. I use a Cannon Powershot SX200is, and it takes pretty good photos in evening, golden light with clear skies, but not so much any other time of day or with cloudy skies. I've tried many settings, such as Auto, AV (aperture...
  2. HybridHobby

    Revenge of The Cajon: New BNSF VS Union Pacific Video!

    Hey guys, sorry been another busy last few months and I was sick for a while which didn't let me get out to much. Back and better than ever, wanted to bring to you guys episode III in the Battle of Cajon Series. Hope you all enjoy, more to come soon! Thank you for all you love, support and...
  3. HybridHobby

    A Battle at Cajon Pass, Winter 2018

    Hello everyone, It's been awhile! I've been dealing with business and school affairs the last few weeks and now back to work bringing ya'll some awesome, scuffed railroad content! Hope you all enjoy the venture to Cajon over the last few weeks, more new content coming soon...
  4. HybridHobby

    A different side of Fullerton Railfanning

    Here is a video showing different locations throughout Fullerton, CA. Hope you all enjoy. Footage was from the last two weeks. More to come! https://youtu.be/FDm5g6m31BM