1. S

    Weathered RailBox

    Heres the before pic of the railbox. here is after here is my other railbox next to the weathered one I'm happy with how it turned out
  2. BN Ex Railbox

    BN Ex Railbox

    Copied from a prototype, This box has been around the block a few times. Custom painted and decaled. Graffiti is hand painted. Weathered with chalks, oils, air brushing and hand painting.
  3. How the Railbox Turned Out

    How the Railbox Turned Out

    This was my fourth car, but it looks like my negative 35th. I detailed her with new stirrups, coupler lift bars, and air hoses. Sold for over $15, which was a loss.
  4. Progress on my Railbox

    Progress on my Railbox

    This is the latest progress on my Athearn RTR PS 5277 Railbox. This car now sports a golden-brown color common on many Railboxes.