1. NKP 182 A&B units

    NKP 182 A&B units

  2. Iron Horseman

    Walther's Named Train Survey

    I don't know how long this survey has been out there since one of the trains listed is "B&O Capital Limited" of which I already have about 1/3 the set in hand..... But please take the time to go out and fill it out. Also, for me, please indicate you would definitely buy the CB&Q Denver...
  3. NKP Local passenger

    NKP Local passenger

    NKP 705 working local passenger service. Circa 1962
  4. D

    Erie Passenger Car Paint Schemes

    I'm looking to put together a steam era Erie passenger consist. From what I can tell from the few photos and pictures I can find steam trains did not generally pull the multi-colored cars or streamline cars. Can anyone confirm this? Also, did Erie use a special color on their green cars with...
  5. Industrial area

    Industrial area

    this was built as a wall desplay and something to do between layouts. The El Capitan passanger train takes the main while the local frieght waits in the hole.
  6. Northern Pacific passenger car

    Northern Pacific passenger car

    I bought this at YVMRC in Billings Montana
  7. CP Proceeds over Diamond

    CP Proceeds over Diamond

    A SB CP manifest proceeds over the diamond as a British passenger train sits at the station.
  8. CP Overtakes Amtrak

    CP Overtakes Amtrak

    A CP freight on the pass overtakes an Amtrak Train on the main at Chip Yard.
  9. CP Passenger Train at Erie

    CP Passenger Train at Erie

    A CP passenger excursion sits at Erie IL as the sun sets.
  10. CP Passenger Train Taking Off

    CP Passenger Train Taking Off

    A CP Passenger excursion takes off from the Erie Depot.
  11. Welcome to Sedalia

    Welcome to Sedalia

    Train 2, the Royal Gorge, rolls into Sedalia for a brief station stop before heading up the Joint Line to Denver.