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    Techniques for Painting/weathering Wooden Loading Dock

    I assembled a wooden loading dock a while back and I’ve begun to do research on painting and weathering it. One technique I’ve found is to spray paint the dock black and then use various brown and gray powders to weather it. Has anybody tried this technique before? Any other methods you...
  2. L

    Stripping, prepping, and painting brass.

    Total noob here. I was at a flea market over the weekend and bought a few brass interurban models (probably from the 1970s). To say the paint is bad is quite the understatement. What would be a good resource to use in learning this skill? Louise
  3. K

    Saving Decals while repainting old freight car

    I have been refurbishing some ancient but still salvagable freight cars. Several have great, unique decals. However I need to airbrush paint the cars. How can I preserve the old decal signage. If I mask it, it will look as if the signs have different paint behind them.:confused:
  4. Oil Pump

    Oil Pump

    Pump Oil, easy to construct, with simple materials.