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  1. E

    Lionel's New EMD E8 A-A Set

    Hey Folks, here's a new video. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks, Eric Siegel
  2. G

    Lionel Smoke Fluids

    Has anyone used JTs Mega-Steam scented smoke fluids for Lionel locomotives? They have a coal-fired steam scent that sounds amazing! Here’s the Amazon product link: JT's Mega-Steam Coal Fired Steam Smoke Fluid https://a.co/d/dZAVjCm
  3. ChinaHaun19


    Weeks after switching to Realtrax, my layout is expanding and taking new form. I changed the oval to 054 curvature…thereby increasing my speed limit! And due to lack of viable use for the 031 I repurposed that for “rolling stock parking lot” my HO Bachmann snakes about inside of the grand layout
  4. T

    Chosing the right track ...

    I have an O gauge layout. I started it with Lionel Fastrack and have a pretty large investment in switches, etc., but I recently found Gargraves track and really think the Gargraves track is much more realistic looking. I would appreciate some guidance on whether I should invest swtch to...
  5. J

    New yet old

    Hello to all of you, I am new to model railroading, but I am working with old equipment. My father who is 80 has a good collection of brass O gauge engines and cars. They are all from the 1940's and early 1950's. We are trying to determine the value of some of his collection. If the electric...
  6. B

    Styrene Suggestions

    I'm back in the hobby after 50 years and have never worked with styrene. Don't think it existed way back when. So I'd like to try my hand at scratch-building an O gauge structure. What thicknesses of styrene should I get, how many sheets of what size, and what glue is best. I'll probably brace...