n scale starter

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    Start building HO scale or switch to N scale in a 3 meter x 2 meter room (9.8 x 6.5 feet)

    Hello there, I am new on the forum and an almost newbie railroader. I would like to have your advice as I am rather lost to what I should do no to regret wrong initial choices... that could cause diappointment and potentially cost a lot of money. Since I was a kid, I wanted to build a "great"...
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    Kato Track Plans

    I have been trying to see if there is a good illustration showing all the available Kato trackplans. Well, I found it! And, it's on the back of the Kato M1 Master Set I just bought. This is very helpful for me, and I hope it is for you too. This photo is also available in full resolution on my...
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    N Scale - Is it better to draw up specific layout plans or start small and build as you go along. Sounds more precice to draw up plans but more fun to work out the layout as you go along. ???