model railroad building

  1. Johannes

    Extra Faller Ho scale parts

    Hey! I've just finished building the Faller 130908 vineyard garden restaurant, and i ended up with an excessive amount of extra parts that the instructions doesn't mention. Does anyone have the same experience with other kits?
  2. M

    Maglev Model Train being made

    I have been hoping someone would make a Maglev model train set and I just noticed this... I hope he gets the funding and actually gets this made. Would be cool to see it.
  3. capotrenogio'

    My 2° model railroad layout: the building

    Hello everyone from Italy. I am an enthusiatic model railroader in Ho scale. I have built my second railway layout and now I go to show it step by spep I prefer "Lima model trains" old production year '70 '80, but I own also models of Hornby, always italian and french model trains. You can...