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    Loco(s) for Walthers 10-car Olympian Hiawatha

    The question has come up before, but the search showed that it was in 2014, and I figured I'd better not try and resuscitate a dead thread. In November 2014, I found a full 10-car set of the Olympian Hiawatha on Ebay, in the orange/maroon colour scheme, mostly because I was infatuated with...
  2. Extra 25 East

    Extra 25 East

    Obeying the 25MPH restricted speed limit, Extra 25 East begins to cross Renslow Trestle in August of 1979.
  3. Milw #201 derails crossing Renslow Trestle in WA.

    Milw #201 derails crossing Renslow Trestle in WA.

    You can see more of my layout in the Nov/Dec 2006 issue of N scale Railroading. Also a few more photos can be found here: