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    New on here... hoping someone can help me out

    So I have a very large amount of inventory on trains from prewar, postwar, modern, various scales, etc. I have a couple Marx Tin train cars. I am looking for some information on when they were produced & any other info on these. Not too many places I searched online had what I am looking for. I...
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    Looking for greater info on this Marx (Allstate) HO Train Set 9978

    Hi All, I was gifted this Marx Allstate train set. The box is in ok shape and the locomotive and cars appear to be in great shape. I am unable to find a date or any real info on the box or literature. I have done some google searches but am unable to find any specifics on this set. I believe...
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    Collection for Sale

    I have a large model train collection for sale. It includes LGB, Lionel and Marx. Trains and Accesories! Please contact me if you are interested and I will provide you with a list of what I have. Serious buyers only please! Bob