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    Headlights come on for opposite direction?! Please Help ASAP

    I just installed a DCC Decoder in my GP-38, that I took from another GP-38. It runs fine, and the headlights come on, but when I'm going forward, the back comes on, and when going backwards the front comes on! How do I stop this from happening and fix it to how it should be? Any help would be...
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    Roundhouse lighting

    I am near the end of construction on a 9-stall Walthers Modern Roundhouse. All that remains is gluing the two side walls and center roof plates in place. Initially, I decided against lighting as this fell outside the scope of what I wanted... at that time. After three months of work on paint...
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    Eiffel Tower Lighting??? Suggestions? Please!

    Total Newbee Here: Wife surprised me last spring and took me to Paris. Our anniversary is New Year's Eve. Just walked through a store and grabbed a 3' tall Eiffel Tower (very ornate metal wire structure). Figured I'd wire it up to look like the real one and throw in a "Thanks for another...
  4. Christmas in Downtown Hillside

    Christmas in Downtown Hillside

    The Chamber of Commerce went all out this year and plunked down over $300 for lights! The boys are mighty proud at how they turned out.