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    Power lines on utility poles.

    Just out of curiosity, has any one here tried running 28 or 30 ga wire (1.1 or 1.2mm with insulation) on their utility poles to light streetlights or even power a led in a structure, spotlights, signs, etc...? A single 28ga line can carry up to 2.4 A at 5 VDC. Most common LED's require...
  2. G

    Secure LED Holders

    I'm looking for plastic LED holders that will securely hold 5 mm LEDs in a 1/8" thick wooden control panel without any wiggle on either end of the LEDs. I want to snap the holders/LEDs in place through a hole on the panel and wire the two poles from the panel's underside without having to hold...
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    3 LED Signals

    Good Morning Everyone, After many hours of searching I've decided to hit you up for advise. Trying model turnout signling to LEDs for a control panel and also the overhead signaling for the tracks themselves. I've been able to wire up the LED to indicate which route is open for traffic but I...
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    Replacement LEDs for Proto 2000 models

    I am in the process of installing DCC and replacing the light bulbs in my Proto 2000 engines. I have and want to use my LED lights for this. I know I need to use resisters, but I don't know if the ones I have are good enough as I bought them on eBay to be used with 9V batteries. I am assuming...