1. I

    HO icing platform

    Has anyone here ever built a PFE-style icing platform? I'm considering doing an 8' module with a double ended siding for the platform, enough for approximately 8-9 reefers. I picked up one of the 16" long Tichy kits as a trial, which looks correct for a PFE platform. My only other choice is...
  2. Ice Cream Shop

    Ice Cream Shop

    area just completed
  3. August Ice

    August Ice

    The engineer of SLOW Decapod #279 awaits the order to move the last 3 reefers of ice from Cooley's Blue ice in August of 1925. These will soon be in a freight bound for the City of Rochester. The ice house, the ice lift, horse shed, and fence are all scratch built right down to individual...
  4. Hot Day at Cooley's

    Hot Day at Cooley's

    The delivery man from Millers Feed waves as the crummy passes the Ice House. Nice day to work in the Ice House. Too hot to work outside!