ho layout

  1. R

    Multiple AR1's needed for proposed DCC layout?

    Needing help with location and number of AR1's required for the layout I would like to complete. I have had a few layouts previously and one that had created a revers loop at the turn table. The installation and use of the AR1 was easy to wire and install. I have torn down that layout, added a...
  2. Breor47

    Salutations from Maine

    Hello all. I'm a modeler of N and HO scales with just a couple years of experience. Being that I'm quite young, especially as model railroaders go, I suspect that I'll be learning rather than teaching on these forums. The reason I joined is that I may have an opportunity to start anew with my...
  3. J

    Please Review My Planned Layout and General Questions

    Okay, I have a layout that in my mind should work. Can you please review it so that I can be sure the investment will not end up a pile of track in a box? Explanation: Two separate tracks. Each track will have its own power transformer and control. All Atlas true-track components. The purple...
  4. R

    Transition from Kato to Atlas HO Track?

    I'm building a DCC "test layout" out of odds-n-ends in terms of track and I'm trying to decide how to transition from Kato UniTrack to Atlas flextrack that sits directly on the "table" (foam base). Since the Kato track has a built-in roadbed and the Atlas does not, there's a height differential...