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    Bachmann HO Trains

    Hello, I have Bachmann HO B units, GP38-2s, and an S4. They have been running for about 2 weeks and now they are not working. I oiled the motors but some of them still do not work, just the lights turn on. What can I do? Thank you. Ricky
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    Athearn GP38-2 -- some info needed

    My Athearn GP38-2 has a bent underframe, and I'm sure there is no way to fix it. It happened as I was using a drive pin punch to drive out the pegs of the motor mount pads. After I got them out I found that the motor mount pads had been glued in. Does Athearn do that? -- I don't really need...
  3. CN 4713

    CN 4713

    Another work in progress. Horn and snowshields by Miniatures by Eric. The unit is an Athearn GP38-2.
  4. BNSF #2257

    BNSF #2257

    BNSF GP38-2 #2257 an Athearn RTR offering.
  5. HLCX 3805 (nice new Athearn Product)

    HLCX 3805 (nice new Athearn Product)

    One of Athearn's new HLCX Leasing GP38-2s. It truly is a beaut! Just wanted to share!
  6. CSX 2749 "A Rarity"

    CSX 2749 "A Rarity"

    A sort of rare GP38-2 CSX no. 2749 PROTO 2000!
  7. The GP38-2 of the Special Edition

    The GP38-2 of the Special Edition

    Here is the other loco GP38-2 EMDX 769! Only $70.00 for this set! Not a bad deal for being "discontinued."