1. DoctorZ

    Breathtaking G-Scale Layout in South Dakota

    I traveled to Sioux Falls, SD last week and saw a magnificent Garden Railroad! Check it out: Enjoy!
  2. DoctorZ

    Scenes from my Garden Railroad Open House with Cab Ride of entire layout!

    Here's some video of my Garden Railroad from my MGRS Open House last Saturday, Enjoy:
  3. Santa Fe arrival

    Santa Fe arrival

    An LGB Santa Fe passenger train is arriving at a station in this suburban Chicago garden railroad.
  4. Night Meet!

    Night Meet!

    This night shot was taken in a beautiful garden railroad in suburban Chicago, Illinois. The owner has lighting installed in the trees, shining down to light up the garden, so visitors can walk through and see all the sites from many angles.
  5. Long train at night

    Long train at night

    This train moves along a large pond at night at a suburban Chicago garden railroad
  6. Small town at night

    Small town at night

    Night shot of a small town in one of the suburban Chicago garden railroads.
  7. Logging in Chicago

    Logging in Chicago

    This night shot of a logging/lumber operation of a narrow gauge garden railroad.
  8. Scratch built house and bridge

    Scratch built house and bridge

    This night image features a scratch built house and bridge. All lumber was cut/planed from ceder 2x6 lumber.
  9. Scratch built roundhouse

    Scratch built roundhouse

    Night image of a scratch built roundhouse. All wood wall cut/planed from ceder 2x6 lumber.
  10. Street Car at Night

    Street Car at Night

    Night image of street car coming out of tunnel.
  11. Walter Andersen Display

    Walter Andersen Display

    This large layout was originally built at their Poway nursery with a lot of help from members of the Southern California Garden Railway Society. Andersen's uses the layout to promote their specialized plants and Large Scale railway merchandise.