1. Back door

    Back door

    The back side of a hydrocal model. Bricks were first painted, and after dry a white acrylic was brushed on and quickly wiped off. Work is in progress.
  2. Detail of trees. Pree 1960 layout.

    Detail of trees. Pree 1960 layout.

    This is a work in progress. Freight station, cool trees in background available, ground cover formula available, custom water tank in background
  3. Farmer's Market

    Farmer's Market

    What better way to save a few bucks than head on over to the feed mill on Saturday morning and pick up some fresh produce. The boys are just getting set up as the first customer arrives.
  4. Cargill Grain and Feed Facility

    Cargill Grain and Feed Facility

    A work in progress, all that the complex needs now is scenery work, roadbed, and a roof for the unloading building. In the foreground is the soon-to-be-decaled Bachmann 44t, and in the background (off the track) is the Walthers SW-1 in Cargill paint.