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    F7a Correct Windshield Shape

    I am scratchbuilding an F7a loco. and I had problems locating drawings of the windshield. After days of hunting on the web without results, I located a full scale F7. I then got some cardboard and traced the full scale shape, because I was tired of trying to reproduce the correct shape and...
  2. Get 'em before they get new stencils!!

    Get 'em before they get new stencils!!

    A 'pure' CNW F7A leads a sister and a GP-9 westbound at Ablemann. These units are starting to get the MCOW re-stenciling.
  3. MadCow Employee Special

    MadCow Employee Special

    Employess of the Madison Central of Wisconsin Ry. enjoy a Saturday excursion over the newly acquired Reedsburg sub. Managment runs the special train seen here at the Ablemann High Bridge.
  4. The "Guernsey 400"

    The "Guernsey 400"

    Ex-CNW, now MadCow Route F7A #427 leads sister F7A #416 westbound at the quarry at Ablemann.
  5. Under a new 'flag'

    Under a new 'flag'

    Ex-CNW GP35 and F7A units are hard at work on the new Madison Central of Wisconsin or "MadCow Route". As part of the purchase agreement, MCoW agreed to provide trackage rights to the Ablemann Quarry for three years. Thus providing the CNW with the famous "pink lady" ballast.