1. OWilks1

    Roundhouse 0-6-0 shorting out and motor stalling

    Hi all, first post here. Just working on 2 supposed roundhouse tender 0-6-0's and they both short circuit when running for a tiny bit. One of them also has a motor that will stall and only run for a tiny bit if i give it a little spin myself. While stalled, the motor starts to get really hot as...
  2. E

    Preferred connectors from buss to feeder wires?

    It has been decades, since I last wired up a layout. Perhaps there are easier techniques or products. What do you prefer to connect the many track feeder wires to the running buss wires? Suitcase connectors? Euro-style barrier strips? Other? 1. The main buss will be stranded 12 gauge around...
  3. R

    Replace PL-10 toggle switch

    I made an error. The topic should not be replace the PL-10 toggle switch, it is actually a PL-26. Sorry. I would like to use a toggle switch that is smaller than the Peco PL-26 toggle to switch my peco table top switch machine. Can anyone tell me what I can use from Radio Shack? Is this a...