1. wyoming scene.jpg

    wyoming scene.jpg

    Entering Wyoming, MN from the North 1930's
  2. Warehouse buildings

    Warehouse buildings

    This is the potato warehouse located along the tracks in the depot area. The design was recreated from photography taken in 1915.
  3. Warehouse buildings

    Warehouse buildings

    Another view of the Crex warehouses. The second building was actually 350\' long, the one on the right is about right in scale to the actual.
  4. Wyoming, Minnesota Depot Area

    Wyoming, Minnesota Depot Area

    This is a view of the Wyoming depot from about 1890 until 1950. The structure was scratchbuilt using photographs. The track is a re-creation of the original from plat book and photograph research
  5. The Freight Office

    The Freight Office

    This little station serves the trains that haul the town's agricultural and industrial products.
  6. The Depot

    The Depot

    The main station is at the north end of the F&CGR and will serve both passenger trains and freight hauls from the agricultural/industrial part of town.