dash 9

  1. DoctorZ

    Unboxing Lionel A/F ES44AC S-Scale Locomotives

    Got the last two BNSF road names in the country! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uf9krpm3G8Y
  2. N

    custom norfolk southern dash 9-40cw

    hey guys, I am modeling norfolk southern dsah 9-40cw as prototypical as possible. I will be using a athearn blue box dash 9-40cw unpowered kit for this project. The only down fall is that the light postion on the front of the locomotive is incorrect. They are in the nose by the door, i will be...
  3. A

    H0 BNSF Dash 9 - Advice Needed

    I was wanting to build an H0 BNSF Dash 9 and have noticed that there are two possible contenders as a basis for this loco - Kato or Athearn. The only versions that I have come across from either manufacturer have two and a half cab side windows however most BNSF Dash 9s appear to have four cab...