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    HO Challenger jumoing tracks on 36" radius

    Hi Everyone My MTH Challenger's 2nd driver (truck) is not staying on tracks when entering a 36" radius curve. The front wheel-set of that driver starts articulating but then lifts off the track. Does anyone have a solution or tips to troubleshoot for this situation? Blessings
  2. Challenger #3985

    Challenger #3985

    I was fiddling with my camera with the window open today and noticed the sunlight hitting the side of #3985. Started trying to snap a good shot of it, and managed to get this. Figured I\'d share it
  3. Challenger


    Challenger locomotive enters the yard limit ready to pass the Yard Tower. Locomotive is an Athearn.
  4. Moving coal UP style

    Moving coal UP style

    A special UP coal train for new customers. The 844 is a Rivarossi with a new Soundtraxx Tsunami decoder and the 3985 is an Athearn Genesis model.