1. Miller Bros. Wild West Show

    Miller Bros. Wild West Show

    Ole' Joe Miller really knew how to go in style. This truss-rod equipped Observation car was the finest of it's day. The Miller Bros. Wild West Show travelled the U.S. putting on authentic "Cowboy and Indian" performances. The car is on it's way to the museum at Baraboo.
  2. Worth the trip...

    Worth the trip...

    Crawling down the rocks at Ablemann has it's advantages. I was amazed at the condition of these old coaches, having been built in the 1800's. Through the years, it took a ton of TLC to insure these cars made it to our generation.
  3. FRA waivers on board.

    FRA waivers on board.

    While these cars are still incredible shape, special FRA waivers were required to move them from one carrier to another. The cars will be stored in a special building in Baraboo.
  4. A rumor..........

    A rumor..........

    On a tip, I made my way to the high Bridge at Ablemann to see something I was told "one doesn't see everyday". Imagine my surprise when a couple of MadCow geeps rolled onto the bridge with WOODEN parlor cars!!!