1. B&O Coal

    B&O Coal

    A bay window caboose brings up the markers of a coal train passing 'Ben Junction' on my module in my club's modular layout.
  2. R

    The Savage Railroad

    Good Morning Everyone, My kids and I are building our dream layout in the basement of our 1912 home. We live next to the only known Bowman Truss Bridge in existence. The layout will be DCC with manual throws in addition to the DCC controlled turnouts. When done we should have a fully functing...
  3. B&O Extra 1451 East approaches Henryton tunnel

    B&O Extra 1451 East approaches Henryton tunnel

    The legendary B&O Old Main Line, the oldest RR right-of-way in the U.S., has seen busier days. Numerous two-track tunnels like this one now sport only a single track. Oh well, at least it gives railfans a place to stand while the train passes thru the tunnel. Thanx to a powerful...