1. JJCreatorOfWorlds

    Custom Painted O Gauge Erie Lackawanna 2934

    I just finished working on this custom painted engine. It’s my oldest train, my grandpa gave it to me when i was a very little kid. It has been dropped and scratched to all hell so I decided to give it a fresh coat of paint and make it a bit more colorful. I’m working on the tender next, i’m...
  2. M

    NJ Transit Silver, Metro North silver and other paint problems

    I am finally getting back to some serious painting, and thought I would start on one of my someday models.... Way back when, I bought an Overland (Brass) HO NJ Transit U-34CH as the price was good and "someday......." Well someday has come, and I decided to look through all the notes I had...
  3. Fresh repaints

    Fresh repaints

    Looking at this photo you'd probably think this is pretty new stuff for the early 90s. A Geep painted in the dual flag sheme (NAFTA) livery, a VIA blue car and a red colored SOO boxcar. These are all repaints/rebuild however. The 40' boxcar has been around for many years in an older SOO livery...