1. Log Train in Ballard

    Log Train in Ballard

    Not very often can you find a logger in Ballard - except down in the basement. The logs were from a flotinia that needed pruning.
  2. Sound Barrier

    Sound Barrier

    Sound barriers are placed next to the reefer units to keep noise within city tolerance.
  3. Rocky's Tavern

    Rocky's Tavern

    Rocky's Tavern is an inexpensive kit that represents Mike's Chili Parlor (and tavern) just adjacent to the Ballard Bridge in Seattle. I believe the GN crews stopped here for beans in the old days.
  4. Pickup at Gas Station

    Pickup at Gas Station

    Think of it as part of the Ballard Oil complex.
  5. Ballard Overview

    Ballard Overview

    Ballard Terminal Railroad - east end of the line.
  6. Locomotive Pen

    Locomotive Pen

    A secure pen is provided for the locomotive when it is not making a run.
  7. Salmon Bay Cafe

    Salmon Bay Cafe

    The Salmon Bay Cafe is a popular eating spot in Ballard, but cars parking on the tracks can be a problem.
  8. Under Bridge 4

    Under Bridge 4

    Ballard Terminal Railroad SW-1 passes below BNSF Bridge 4 just as Amtrak pushes south from Bellingham. (Usually the power is on the south end of the Talgo, with a cabbage on the north end.) I must confess to a bit of digital enhancement here - the extension of the bridge to the right of the...
  9. Outside the Pen

    Outside the Pen

    Ballard Terminal Railroad SW-1 #98 almost never sees countryside like this. It must've been on vacation somewhere.
  10. Arriving at the Interchange

    Arriving at the Interchange

    Ballard Terminal Railroad #98 arrives at the interchange light to pick up cars delivered by BNSF. These would most likely be loads of cement or empty reefers.
  11. Ballard Station

    Ballard Station

    It reality, it's just an old brown house / office building. On my model, it's been converted to handle passengers (in our dreams!).
  12. Passing Seaview Marine

    Passing Seaview Marine

    The BDTL SW-1 #98 is passing Seaview East on its was to Salmon Bay to pick up a couple of empty cement hoppers that will be interchanged with BNSF at Ballard Junction.
  13. Grade Crossing

    Grade Crossing

    Ballard Terminal Railroad #98 is returning light from the interchange after delivering outbound cars for BNSF.
  14. Oops


    Fortunately this injury is not serious - just some scrapes. It looks like the bike is okay, too.
  15. Proposed Bike Trail

    Proposed Bike Trail

    Accidents are likely to happen when bicycle trails are shoe-horned into industrial areas.
  16. Trolley in Little Ballard

    Trolley in Little Ballard

    The railroad's general manager located this former City of Tacoma trolley being used as a shelter for some homeless people. To protect it for future preservation, he moved it to its present location next to the locomotive pen where a fence will be constructed around it soon.