1. N Scale Soybean Field

    N Scale Soybean Field

    An mostly-completed scene on my previous N Scale layout.
  2. ATSF Dash 8-40B

    ATSF Dash 8-40B

    An N Scale Atlas model of a Santa Fe GE Dash 8-40B.
  3. Kadee HO PS2 covered hopper ATSF

    Kadee HO PS2 covered hopper ATSF

    Kadee PS2 2 bay covered hopper, ATSF. On my home layout
  4. Colorado & Santa Fe

    Colorado & Santa Fe

    John Deere Dealer and the Junk pile.
  5. Colorado & Santa Fe

    Colorado & Santa Fe

    Turn of the century Machine shop still hanging on.
  6. BN rainbow

    BN rainbow

    I was thinking of the colorful consists I used to see on the Burlington Northern in the mid 1990s and thought I'd put one together. It is GATX 7357, LMX 8527, ATSF 220, NS 3182 and BN 9284. The LMX and NS are RailPower shells on Athearn drives the rest are more recent Athearns.
  7. BN #9580 and Snata Fe hopper car (2

    BN #9580 and Snata Fe hopper car (2

    BN sd70mac hauling my new Santa Fe hopper car. This was the 2nd photo taken of the 2 photos with these to seprate.
  8. Crossing "LeRoy's Trestle"

    Crossing "LeRoy's Trestle"

    A vintage pair of locomotives cross a vintage bridge, which was handbuilt by LeRoy DeGraff, one of our founding members.
  9. Leaving the Streets

    Leaving the Streets

    The A & B unit pair gets ready to re-enter normal trackage from street trackage.
  10. Ulah Trestle

    Ulah Trestle

    The ATSF pair crosses a trestle
  11. ATSF Crosses Itself

    ATSF Crosses Itself

    An A & B unit ATSF pair on the FVR cross the ATSF mainline.
  12. ATSF 3600!

    ATSF 3600!

    A model Santa Fe 3600 wearing the "Yellow Bonnett" paint scheme shows off! (Running out of things to say)
  13. ATSF--BNSF 6067

    ATSF--BNSF 6067

    Warbonnet ATSF 6067! I recently patched this unit and re-lettered it with golden BNSF decals!
  14. ATSF 3501..........

    ATSF 3501..........

    A shot of my model ATSF 3501! This loco is obviously in the "Yellow Bonnett" paint scheme!
  15. ATSF SD75I!!!!!

    ATSF SD75I!!!!!

    A shot of my model ATSF 241, an SD75I!!!!
  16. Snoot??????


    Here is a shot of my one and only ATSF SD40-2 Snoot Nose!! I acquired this loco only two weeks ago! I applied the handrails!!!! Yeah, I know, I'm pretty good!
  17. ATSF Yellow Bonnett!

    ATSF Yellow Bonnett!

    A shot of "my" ATSF yellow bonnett! Yay!!
  18. ATSF 2572

    ATSF 2572

    Taken at the Essex Train Show 2005