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    scratchbuilding bridge help

    one last thing Oh, one last thing... I also need some info on a wooden stringer rural overpass. I seem to remember that it had 5 sections but all I can find are three section overpasses. These were built in the 1930's from what I am gathering and it was a very typical design to allow farm...
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    scratchbuilding bridge help

    hey folks! I am wanting to scratchbuild a bridge. I am finding lots of pictures on the web, but scarce amount of true dimensions. The bridge I would like to build is a camelback through truss bridge and I would need it to be around 4.5 feet long spanning my work bench. Now for the...
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    Scratch building a plate girder bridge (warning: lots of pics!)

    wonderful workmanship! I am thinking of doing this as well and your taking the time to document this is a real help! Thanks!
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    Manitobamodeler24's locomotives

    Awesome collection
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    back again after 30+ years!

    DCC is like WOW expensive!!! I am basically gleaning the used Ebay for things that I can cobble together to make a working start up set. I have been gone for a while due to my daughter getting married so i should have some stuff to show here pretty soon! I really want to try my hand at...
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    Hello and help!

    Hello! I am a returning model railroader and I want to get started on my layout right away. My plan is for 1950's - 1960's MOPAC, and KATY from St. Louis to Clinton MO and St. Louis to Columbia, MO, in HO scale. The kicker is right now I have access to only a 13' x 9' room... Is...
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    back again after 30+ years!

    Thank you all very much! I am planning on using DCC but I haven't decided yet on sound effects. I have heard that they can be irritating if you are not used to them. I really liked hearing it at the local hobby shop though! I am planning on a 1960's to 1970's layout. St. Charles, to...
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    back again after 30+ years!

    Hello Everyone! I was a model railroader in high school, and had to stop for College and my USAF service. Well, I'm back now and I am AMAZED at the technological advancements since I left! DCC blows me away. I just got my first loco. Athearn Genesis GP15-1 in MOPAC colors. I am looking to...

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