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    Incorporating A Jack Post Column In The Layout

    If your railroad is in the midwest and it is spring time you can model a tornado! :-)
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    A building, a layout, finally!!

    30" is quite deep! I did 24" and it was still a reach to work on things far away. I suggest no higher than what your arm is at horizontal and no deeper than your arm fully extended without your body leaning over. If you make your shelf even less, say 12", you may be able to fit a long...
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    Interesting Railroad Stuff

    At a power station where I once worked, we had a spring switch that allowed empty hoppers to come out of the dumper, through the spring switch, up a steep ramp, then down through the spring switch and into a siding. Only issue was the bozo that let a full hopper go through and hit an empty on...
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    Model Train as an Urn?

    How about a nice container with an appropriate HO or O scale model on top? Say a nice wooden box, long and narrow to meet the volume requirement and a section of track on top with an appropriate model?
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    Ever had this happen to you at a restaurant?

    I suspect your kids were well behaved. I have three boys, all grown now, but we really tried to keep them in line when out in public. We think we did a good job, several times people commented to us about how well behaved they were. I always think, they damn well better be! :-) I too have...
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    Physical disability, layout height pro's and cons. Help please.

    I raised mine from 42" to 57" to help my back problem. I now stand straight at the railroad and do not lean over. I can rest the upper part of my chest on the fascia, I can rest my elbows on roadbed with my arms almost level. Mine is a shelf railroad, with the deepest part 24". I do have...
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    Control Panel

    I use 1/8" Masonite (hardboard), my printed track plan, then 1/16" clear (plastic, plexi-glass, whatever). A screw in each corner to hold it together.
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    Manual Turnout Throws from Fascia - Ideas wanted

    Sorta like a choke cable (bicycle brake/gear change cable) that goes from the turnout to the fascia, is that what you want?
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    New Layout for LASM

    I helped a friend setup a HO scale hump yard, nine tracks in the bowl. After much experimenting we found the key to be the wheelsets. Putting the same wheelset on all cars caused them to roll very similar. Then we worked on the height and slope to get cars to roll halfway into the bowl. He...
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    DC block wiring

    If either power pack will run the trains you want to run, then yes, you can run two trains with the two packs. Since your railroad is DC powered you will have to divide your railroad into electrical blocks. Each block has both rails insulated from the adjoining block. The two wires from a...
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    Switch Mess

    Yes, some appear to have plastic frogs and some unpowered metal frogs. So if you don't have power routing turnouts there is nothing you need to insulate.
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    DC, AC, DCC, XYZ, if you have power routing turnouts you must put in insulating gaps on the frog rails. Whether the frog is powered or not is independent of power routing. To power a frog you can wire it to the points or better to an electrical switch fed by track power and controlled by...
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    Another wiring question ...

    Yes, I would go with what Brett said. Leave it all on the DCS as one. Now if you are running many trains so as to exceed your power supply, then you would need multiple boosters each with their own power supply and have multiple sections insulated from each other. If your power needs can be...
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    Digitrax UP5

    Hmmm, I thought Digitrax recommended six wire phone cables? I found six wire cables at Home Depot, this would be used for two line phones. I did cut them to length and add an end to them and daisy chained my UP5 panels. I do not use a battery in my DT100IR throttles.
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    2 trains on mainline at same time...........

    Hi Baboiler, not knowing the layout of your family room, would it be possible to lower the 'shelf' and put a quick lift out bridge where there is a doorway? If you have only one or two doors/windows, you may be able to lower the railroad to shoulder height with a couple lift out bridges.

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