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    Remember Your First O Scale Set?

    Thanks! I saw your setup from your childhood, and am quite jelious. :) You had probably the nicest setup as a kid then anyone else I know of from that timeframe. Very Impressive.
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    Remember Your First O Scale Set?

    Im just a youngin here (22 Years old) but my first set was when I was about 4 years old. My dad bought me a used mix n match postwar lionel set with what I believe to of had a 2026 with the whistle tender and a couple old cars and a nice setup of track for the carpet. We had it for a couple...
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    nce decoders

    Shoo goo, also works well, when applied the right way, and will also come off if you want it too as well. These wires (just like the circitron wires) are quite fragile. You need to take your time and to be careful when using them.
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    Rapido Lightweight Coach Review

    These are very awesome coaches. We have sold a couple of these at my work, and Im telling you (If you cant see it in MLW's Photos), these coaches (in my opinion) Are better then the Walthers GN Coachs that have come out, not to mention just a few bucks more. Im liking what Im seeing from...
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    San Diego Model Railroad Museum (SDMRRM)

    I know who owns those SD35's, he gave me my SD35. His name is Bruce. Tall, older guy in glasses. Doesnt describe much I know, but he was my senior member who watched us teens at the time. :D
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    Weekend photo fun 15, 16, 17th December

    Wow, very nice, and also nice to find another Sound Technician on here too. Its my second enjoyment, next to model railroading. I wish I had the space for a perminant layout. Anywho, very cool.
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    My D&RGW SD40T-2 *Brass*

    Ha! No! :D This has the MARS housing on the nose, so it will be a MARS light loco. This unit already has ALOT of brass detail, so im not adding anymore detail to it. To be honest, im not much of a ditchlight fan, so I stay in the mid 80's and farther back eras. My stuff dates back to...
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    My D&RGW SD40T-2 *Brass*

    He better be...
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    My D&RGW SD40T-2 *Brass*

    Yup, Exactly what it will never see. Rio Grande Lives on my Railroad. :D But thanks all the same. :) Any thoughts on what else to do with it?
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    My D&RGW SD40T-2 *Brass*

    Last one for the night.
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    My D&RGW SD40T-2 *Brass*

    Just thought I would show off one of my best projects. This is currently going to have alot of lighting effects, DCC and Sound. Sorry for the very crude pics, they came off my Camrea Phone, since im out of a digi cam right now. Thanks *Edit* If not noticable by now, this is an...
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    Lionel Train

    Well, what was the outcome of this deal? If you give me the cab number of the lionel engine, i can give you value info. Kyle
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    What else ya into??

    Wow NWR, Who owns this beauty treasure? Resto group? Yours maybe? Me, Im an all in one kinda guy. When Im not modeling (SP/DRGW/ some UP in HO-SP in O) I Sing in a mens Quartet as a first Tenor (actually looking for a group to join with), Im a Sound Technician which I very much enjoy...
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    My "Leaser" project

    I agree, well done so far. :) Im working on a custom Athearn GP39 leaser. Im thinking all grey with Either NREX, or are there any others like this? Would grey be prototypically correct for NREX or maybe even FURX?
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    Athearn spare parts?

    Josh, I have those in stock at work. If you want a sertain number of them, at a good price with great shipping rates, please give me a call on Saturday, and I will hook you up. I will PM you the Number and info. Kyle

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