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    WTB Intermountain SD40-2 L&N/Family Lines SCL/L&N

    I am looking for HO Scale Intermoutain Railway.
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    WTB Intermountain SD40-2 L&N/Family Lines SCL/L&N

    WTB either by individual or if they know a hobby shop that has them a pair of Intermountain SD40-2 L&N/Family Lines SCL/L&N with the full frontal light package . I will also be open to Athearn RTR SD40-2's as well.
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    NMRA cheat sheet

    I use to have a sheet that allowed a car length that would go from say 40-45 feet set at a certain length and would go up from there. Does anyone know of such a sheet so I can work on correct weight to car length ratios?
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    Resistor equipped wheels

    I am looking to convert my freight cars over for use on clubs that have ctc operations. I was told to either place the resistors on myself. (not easy with oncome of arthritis) or use resistor equipped wheels by Jaybee Wheels. I went to their page and found that the 33" wheels with resistors...
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    Fox Valley GP-60 DC unit to DCC

    I recently purchased an Fox Valley Models GP-60 in Norfolk Southern. I purchased it in DC/DCC ready mode. I am asking if anyone who has one of these models can recommend what decoder to use with this locomotive?
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    DCC Decoder for a P-42

    I just purchased a Kato GE P-42 locomotive in DC standard w/o sound and want to know what decoder anyone who has one would suggest for maximum use of the locomotive?
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    Kato Cab/Coach car couplers

    I am starting to work on my Kato Pullman Standard Cab/Coach & Coach cars in Amtrak and need to know if anyone can suggest what Kadee couplers to use on the cars since they have such long shanks?
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    Tower 55 ES44AC?

    If it helps, there is a video on You Tube showing how to fix a T55 drive. I not one to go into details, but if this helps I am happier to put this to you all
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    Model Railroad News article on circut board for the Athearn Genesis Bay Window Caboos

    I remember there being an article in Model Railroad News on the Athearn Genesis Southern Pacific Bay Window Caboose series and how to install a basic circuit in the non-lighted units. Does anyone have a copy of that article or have a way that it can be brought up?
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    SD-90/43 Macs and SD-70ace?

    I was just looking at the Golden Spike Tower webpage camera for the Pocatello Yard and saw a number of SD-90/43 Macs in what looks like the dead line and 2 of the SD-70ace's of the Heritage Fleet (MKT and DRGW) also in what looks like the dead line. Does anyone have any information on either...
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    schnabel cars

    You should go to Youtube and put schnable car and you should find some footage of schnable car movement. It will will give you good idea what a set up is.
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    The High Cost of Model Railroading

    I was working for one of the San Francisco Hobby Shops and could see the prices of the Brass trains climbing up and up with every new order. When I saw the Kato models and said to myself "This is the death knell for brass" I was somewhat right, but now am wondering if this steady price...
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    Railroad Photo Image program?

    I have uploaded the RR model train inventory from wonderful information given here. I now need a photo program to upload to put photos with the inventory I have. Does anyone have any leads?
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    Transfer Cabooses

    Not sure if someone has talked about this before, but has anyone seen when they were still around a transfer caboose. I have read of the various roads that had them. I just recently purchased a Custom Brass N-6a PC/CR transfer caboose and wanted to know if they were also used in local service...
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    Athearn VS Atlas

    For me I have always been a mixed runner of Atlas and Athearn. This minds you goes back to when the first 40-2's were BB and they matched perfectly with the Atlas. I have not tried to run any of the current ones due to lack of layout or club to run at.

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