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  1. Rico

    Greetings from Minnesota!

    Ah Minnesota, Canada's long lost other province! I grew up with Baders Hobby’s and Hobby Hut in Moorhead. Welcome aboard, looking forward to seeing what you come up with, saving my “uh-oh's” for later. 😉
  2. Rico

    Details FIRE-BOX

    From what I remember anything fire related was a bright red. We had a box of hose fittings and repair bits that went wherever it would fit whenever it was needed and would sometimes just be sitting by the worksite.
  3. Rico

    Taking my Time & Exploring Layout Ideas while Playing w/ SCARM

    I’m a big fan of layouts that have double track with a stretch of single. It makes operations more fun (and prototypical in some cases). I also agree with you on the bridge span thing!
  4. Rico

    Great Northern 4-8-4 Aster

    Had to google that one, pretty cool!
  5. Rico

    Diorama using Linear Motion

    Wow that’s pretty cool! I’m planning on animating my paper mill with forklifts, pulp loaders, semis, etc. I’ll definitely look into your system!
  6. Rico

    "Pickle fork" Automation

    Glad you found it, sorry I missed the thread earlier. I think I know exactly what you have in mind, would love to see it working!
  7. Rico

    Thinning out

    Unfortunately Willie the listings should have shown up on both the .ca and .com sites but for some reason they didn’t. Even if you did find them the link to sellers other listings was dead! That cost me a good chunk o' change on my last few transactions! Oh, JD that’s the correct conversion by...
  8. Rico

    Thinning out

    Oh come on you guys! 😆 Yeah somethings going on at my end too, I can’t even find myself... for some reason you have to look on instead of .com? Lets try this way: I think I’m done selling with Feebay, I’ve had...
  9. Rico

    Monthly Picture Thread - April 2021

    This thread kind of got buried and we’re running out of April! From the previous layout this is Joe's cousin Finnigan, no safety award for him!
  10. Rico

    Thinning out

    Hey Dave, Three are Athearn, the one with the patch is Roundhouse I believe, all have #5 couplers and metal wheels. Couple of stirrups are missing. Thinking $5.00 us each.
  11. Rico

    Weathering Rail, how to?

    I just tried the WS track pen, it’s basically just a paint pen but more money. I found it tended to slide more than it did paint but after a few passes it did the job. Oh, good thing they give you an extra tip as the spike heads really do a number on the ends!

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