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  1. Rico

    Using 3-D printer for structures

    Cool Tim, I’ll send you my wish list! 😉
  2. Rico

    Martin Luther King Day Give Away

    Damn, I forgot to tell you that my guess was in metric. You'd have to double my number then take off fifty four for the current exchange rate. Honest mistake, no worries, just send me the wheels and couplers, BigG can have the car. Congrats BigG and thanx Jerome! :cool:
  3. Rico

    Ever have one of those days?

    Yeah I get those days too, glad you finally got'r done!
  4. Rico

    Grain Terminal Build

    I usually use the garbage bin, but I’m curious to see if there’s another solution!
  5. Rico

    Insulated Frog or elecro frog for DCC

    Ah, good things to know Sooz, thanx! Oh, and welcome back!
  6. Rico

    RAPIDO to Knuckle couplers...N Scale Loco conversion to HOn30 Narrow gauge locos

    Wow how did I miss this? Very nice Chris, quite inspiring! Oh, and welcome aboard, looking forward to seeing more...
  7. Rico

    What Other Brands Have DCC and Sound in their O-Scale 2-Rail 2-8-0 Engines?

    I don’t think you’ll get a lot of answers here Hal, you’re in a class of your own. Maybe try here: Or these guys: If I ever change scales again I would look at a proto 48 switching layout.
  8. Rico

    Static grass applicator

    “Don’t touch the screen” 😆 This is the first thing that came to mind...
  9. Rico

    Water Slide Decals:

    Try this: You can bookmark it for when the time comes.
  10. Rico

    Control of Crossovers,...doubles & singles

    I think you’re correct on the geometry of the various angles being problematic, (I came up with that all by myself!), but I think it could be done with some flexible connectors and a center pivot. Being that it’s in a difficult to get to location I’d maybe give another thought to powered switch...
  11. Rico

    Martin Luther King Day Give Away

    Hmmm I don’t need the boxcar so much but I do need the wheelsets! 😉 If this were the price is right I guess I’d say one dollar, but put me down for oh... 149.
  12. Rico

    Grain Terminal Build

    Tom that looks extremely close to the color I use! I believe it’s Krylon as well but the label is long gone from running hot water over it.
  13. Rico

    A new beginning...JRs UPRR.

    Very nice! I used to drive one exactly like it but in red. Ok, I guess not exactly... Then one day the boss got it painted into company colors, we were so disappointed.
  14. Rico

    Old Tyco HO Scale Set - Advice on Maintenance and Mounting

    I’ve heard about gravy trains but this is the first time I’ve seen a soup train tho! 😆
  15. Rico

    Mail Call! Railway Post Office, commonly abbreviated as RPO has rolled in!

    Maybe we should start a new RPO for the new year? I can see this one becoming a monster before too long! 😝

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