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    Ride or watch Grand Canyon Railway?

    Random question - We are looking at taking a family trip to the Grand Canyon the first weekend in April and are probably going to take the train from Williams to the Grand Canyon and back. The day we are planning on going is one of the days they operate their steam locomotive on one of the...
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    PayPal is generally less risky than use your credit card.
  3. malibu43

    Mail Call! Railway Post Office, commonly abbreviated as RPO has rolled in!

    Finally ordered some brake details for these Athearn GP60's I got almost 2 years ago. The detail parts came yesterday, maybe I'll add them this weekend...
  4. malibu43

    No Luck in my Search for an O-Scale 2-Rail 2-6-0 or 2-6-2 Steamer with DCC and Sound

    Hal, Depending on your budget, you could get that brass loco and look into paying one of the talented members here to paint and decal it for you...? I've seen some amazing work posted in the past by some.
  5. malibu43

    Question about purchasing used track

    Not to nitpick, but code 100 is 100 thousandths of an inch. 83 is 83/1000. If code 100 was 100/100th, the rails would be an inch tall... :)
  6. malibu43

    Hobby Room Update

    Why are people compelled to open up a thread and complain about its contents when they could simply just not read it?
  7. malibu43

    What SCALE and GAUGE do you model in?

    Looks like they way the poll is set up, you can vote for more than one option. So if someone models quite a bit in HO and O, and they check those boxes, it probably messes with the way it calculates percentages. ie - if only one person had voted in my scenario above, HO and O would each show 100%.
  8. malibu43

    What Era do you Model?

    As you stated yourself, the manufacturers continue to produce modern equipment, and I doubt they would be doing that if people weren't buying it. So I'll put my money on the manufacturers knowing what the consumers want, vs a poll with 38 responses on one of many discussion forums related to...
  9. malibu43

    What Era do you Model?

    Or this poll is not representative of all model railroaders...
  10. malibu43

    Should I Return to HO?

    Ok... That right there was funny.
  11. malibu43

    Should I Return to HO?

    As others have mentioned, it's a preference call that you'll have to make. I think you will certainly have more options for locomotives and rolling stock with HO. That being said, you have some nice looking O scale equipment that I bet looks very nice running around that spacious layout you have.
  12. malibu43

    Winter Projects

    It's not how hard the conversion is - its will they perform well enough for it to be worth while.
  13. malibu43

    Winter Projects

    Ah. I see. Man, that's a lot of locomotives! The reason I ask all these questions is that my relatively small fleet of diesels (4 powered and one dummy) is all old Athearn Blue Box. I have enjoyed recently touching up paint and adding LEDs and number boards. I'm tempted to do more detailing...
  14. malibu43

    Winter Projects

    Do you put DCC decoders in all these Blue Box GPs and SDs?

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