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    Could Use Some Help

    Opinions are like as***... er... um... ELBOWS! Yes; Elbows. Everyone has one or two. :) I'll throw my two cents in if, for no other reason, then to give you some more food for through. 1. How do you operate your turnouts? I am considering servos used in remote control model airplanes. Good...
  2. KB02

    The FINAL Expansion

    The little one is nice and safe. 😁 Though if I had blocked him in down there, as long as I sent down gummies and chicken nuggets, I'm sure he'd be perfectly happy. :rolleyes:;) 22". If I ever tear the whole thing down and start from scratch, I'd go bigger, but the 22"r is an improvement over...
  3. KB02

    The FINAL Expansion

    The end of the weekend looked like this: And with trains running and trackwork thoroughly tested, I officially have an "Around the Room" layout. And it all started with a simply 4x8.... ...this hobby is worse than crack... :eek:🤣🤣🤣 There's going to be a siding along the wall for a passenger...
  4. KB02

    Question for long time members here

    Since the website listed on the car is different, I would tend to think not, but as websites do sometimes change, it's possible. '02 predates me on thi8s forum, so I cant be sure. I like the idea, though!
  5. KB02

    The FINAL Expansion

    Well... Probably the final expansion. The time has come to finally finish the last loop on my layout so that the trains can complete their "Around the Room" journey. I've been slowly putting in shelving to get around the pool table, added in the Time Saver Puzzle shelf layout that was given to...
  6. KB02

    Need Some Advice

    I say build. Go with a sectional design as mentioned above so that you’re all set with whichever way the future ends up. Just be mindful, and I do speak from experience here, with track alignment between the sections. There are lots of ways to do it, but doing it right will make the difference...
  7. KB02

    Newbie needs help

    Have you considered a logging loco layout? Small locos like shays and climaxes that can run small radius curves.
  8. KB02

    Track Nail Removal Tool (HO Scale)

    Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. I needed to remove a bunch of track nails from a section where the tracks were nailed directly into plywood. The nails were all hammed tightly onto the ties. I tried gripping the nail heads with pliers, but they were too far down to get a good...
  9. KB02

    Bluing track for seldom used or abandoned lines?

    Has anyone ever tried cold bluing fluid to darken the rails on a seldom used or abandoned sidings on their layout? I’m adding in a small switching section to my layout and was thinking that I might leave one of the sidings as an abandoned spur (closed business, etc.). Yet, the RR might need to...
  10. KB02

    A beginner's layout

    Yup... That happens. :cool: As for the auto reversers, I have an AR1 operating on my turn table. It's been pretty trouble free. I'm not saying they're the best, but they're pretty much a standard others are measured against. Here is a video I came across a few years ago that does a good...
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    Need new trucks for this Locomotive

    I did a quick search on ebay for "Rivarossi Parts" and came up with a few hits:
  12. KB02

    A beginner's layout

    That's one thing I love about this site. If a professional modeler logged on they'd get the same support that a 5 year-old with a Melissa & Doug wooden train set would (not entirely sure those can be converted to DCC... I'll have to put some thought into that...). As far as YOUR layout goes, it...
  13. KB02

    Help with SVdA Error Code with Prodigy DCC

    This might be a slightly better schematic. One of the points rails in your shows the wrong polarity. Plus this shows the frog as an isolated unit:
  14. KB02

    Need new trucks for this Locomotive

    By looking at the diagram, I'd say the parts look nearly identical to my Rivarossi Hudson.
  15. KB02

    Help with SVdA Error Code with Prodigy DCC

    How many power drops do you have? meaning in how many spots do you have power connecting to the rails. The Peco turnouts typically run power through them so the cut(s) you made to resolve the short may have created "dead" spots that you hadn't intended. Might need to run power jumpers after the...

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