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    buying track

    I always buy flex track and turnouts in bulk as it's just cheapter that way, but I did use sectional track to layout the curves on my subroadbed. Luckily in N scale code 55, Atlas has a lot of different curve radius sections compared to just 18 and 22 for HO. After I get the cork down, which I...
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    Tracklaying Atlas code 55

    Got it done! Thanks for all the tips guys. I ended up just tracing the track and then using my calibrated markI eyeball, I drew in the centerline. I ordered Midwest cork roadbed with my track, so that's what I ended up using. I got most of the mainline done, just the two sidings to go. After...
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    Tracklaying Atlas code 55

    Ok, I have laid out the mainline of my trackplan on top of my foam subroadbed like so: Now, the books say to mark the centerline of your track, remove it and add the roadbed. Has anyone done this on this tiny stuff?:eek: I might be able to get a sharpy in between the ties, but it...
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    Layout tour part two

    Awesome layout! I also like the false front industries as well as the bigger structures. While my little staging area (2 tracks) is tiny, but it is going to be hidden behind a mountain and flush against a wall, so I have test mounted a cheap webcam hi up on the wall looking down on the area...
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    New to forum

    Well so far its just blue foam on top of a hollow door. The trackplan is posted here. At least thats what I have come up with so far. I'm waitng for the glue to dry and the track to arrive in the mail! I will post pics in the N...
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    My n trackplan with one problem

    Hehe, well I live right at the western end of two modern roads, the BNSF and UP, but I grew up here watching the SP, ATSF and WP. I haven't quite made up my mind about what specific road I am modeling, but definately out west in Northern California. As far as the plan, I envision the top...
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    New to forum

    Just thought I would say hi to everyone. Just retired from the military after 21 years in September, and finally have the time to actually build a layout! Since I am currently sharing a small apartment though, I will be working in N scale on a small hollow door in the corner of our living...
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    My n trackplan with one problem

    Well I think I have a pretty nice plan, which is a modified MR plan but taking advantage of a sligthly wider table. The only problem is to make it work the best I needed to use a Peco Code 55 curved turnout. The rest of my track is atlas Code 55, and I know that Peco 55 is really 85 that is...

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