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    Maximum Short-Run Grades

    Depends on what you mean by "light"? Does the train have a running start or are you starting on the grade from a stop? Are you talking about a prototype or model train? Really rough calculation for powering a prototype train at speed was the train needed 1 horsepower/trailing ton per percent...
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    MDC/Roundhouse 2-8-0 Consolidations

    The modern Roundhouse mechanisms are really smooth running and have vastly improved electrical pick up.
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    Manual Turnout Control by Cable

    I use paddle handle DPDT toggle switches and 1/4" dowels to control my switches and frog polarity. Since my benchwork isn't that deep most switches are a straight shot to the fascia for the controls.
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    Fisher Stove & Range Co.

    I know its a pain in the butt, but I know for me, going through several iterations can get a better looking end result. What software are you using for the signs? My two favorites are MS Excel and Power Point
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    Fisher Stove & Range Co.

    Diagonal "And" is a nice touch. Last effort is very clear and easily read from the road.
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    Roller Coasters

    In Clearfield, UT there was a company that made roller coasters. You would see a roller coaster gradually rise in the distance and then would disappear as it was built and then disassembled for delivery.
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    Fisher Stove & Range Co.

    Power point
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    Fisher Stove & Range Co.

    The lettering and picture is too fine for a clapboard building. They would use wider lettering and probably a sans serif, all uppercase. As a billboard, fine, but on a clapboard building would be really difficult to paint.
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    I use 1/8 in thick Masonite, it can get down to about 18" radius. You can bend 1/4 in Masonite but not as sharp. There are also architectural wallboards designed to go around corners, they flex in one axis that can be used if you can find it and want to pay for it.
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    First serious attempt

    Nice details on the buildings.
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    First serious attempt

    I also use golden rod for trees, I like to snip off the curly ques on the ends and instead of using hairspray or glue to attach the foam, I spray the "trees' with green, primer red, tan or a golden yellow spray paint from a can then dust it with ground foam. Many ways to skin a cat. An in...
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    Who's going to include this on their layout?

    The Brownsville and Matamoros Bridge Co. was combination road, rail truss bridge across the Rio Grande at Brownsville, Texas with the MP/UP connection to Mexico across it. There was a guard that would come out and stop road traffic to let trains across. So it was a road bridge, a train...
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    Benchwork Construction - My Lessons Learned

    I like to imbed my controls, car card boxes, etc into the fascia. So I'm not a big fan of the "grid' style bench work. I use L girder for stand alone peninsulas and a bracket with a knee brace attached to the wall for the perimeter. I don't use any linear piece on the outside of the brackets...
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    Ballast at Interchanges

    Whichever railroad owns the interchange track. Railroad ownership and maintenance is to a specific point. One railroad maintains up to the end of their track and the other railroad maintains up to the the other side of that point. Wherever that maybe on the track. One has to also realize...
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    Squirrel Creek Railroad

    Finding era appropriate cars and engines are always a challenge. I model 1900-1905 and its difficult for that time period. You should check out Don Ball's Stockton and Copperopolis.

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