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  1. Passing Cascade Summit

    Passing Cascade Summit

    A fictitious local train passes Cascade Summit on the Cascade Subdivision.
  2. B_Kosanda

    Track dead spots caused by turnouts

    That's right. All A rails to one side and all B rails to the other. Especially those little short crossover tracks too.
  3. B_Kosanda

    Track dead spots caused by turnouts

    Do not count on the turnouts routing power to the track. All sections of track must have feeder wires to both rails. This way the turnout will not be required to be in a certain position to provide power to any section of track. Bill
  4. B_Kosanda

    New Concrete Slab Bridge for Cascade Sub

    Here's an update on the bridge. I repainted the bridge deck to more of a white-concrete color and also cut slits in the spline to simulate the concrete pieces of the deck. Bill
  5. B_Kosanda

    New Concrete Slab Bridge for Cascade Sub

    The background to the bridge and the whole mountain is made of cardboard strips covered with plaster soaked paper towels and rocks carved from plaster of paris. The "dirt" is dry plaster of paris mixed with dry tempura paint and sprinkled on the plaster with my wife's gravy sifter. A few light...
  6. B_Kosanda

    New Concrete Slab Bridge for Cascade Sub

    The deck on the prototype is concrete and looks in really bad shape. You can see a picture of the prototype on Joel Ashcroft's site. It is a mighty hike to get up to it. I'm going to do some work on the spline to get...
  7. B_Kosanda

    New Concrete Slab Bridge for Cascade Sub

    The deck is the existing spline roadbed which I use for the track base on my layout. You can see the spline painted concrete color under the track. The railing is just styrene strips.
  8. B_Kosanda

    New Concrete Slab Bridge for Cascade Sub

    Sorry, I know I don't post much on here any more, but I thought I'd share a recent upgrade to my UP Cascade Subdivision layout. I have a large area that was pretty bland and I decided to add a concrete slab bridge modeled from a prototype bridge from the actual Cascade Subdivision in Oregon...
  9. B_Kosanda

    Opinions needed please.

    I ended up using Bruce Chubb's Super Mini. Here's his site. Of course this is a little over the top as far as cost goes, but you can't beat the realism. It'll require an old PC and a bit of BASIC programming. I used all ORS signals. The detectors I...
  10. B_Kosanda

    Ho Bridges recommendation

    I also use Atlas plate girder bridges for all my bridge making. Thy're inexpensive and work well when cut apart. Bill
  11. B_Kosanda

    Comment by 'B_Kosanda' in media 'Black River Crossing'

    Nice job. Well executed. Bill
  12. B_Kosanda

    Help with Helix

    One thing I can say from building my helix is that it uses up a ton of wood. There seemed to be no real way to use the wood efficiently. Bill
  13. B_Kosanda

    Comment by 'B_Kosanda' in media 'Model Photo Shoot - The finished product'

    My personal thought is that if the model is going to be shown that close up, it needs to be super detailed and weathered. Getting the model a little further into the scene would have made it look more realistic, because you would not be able to see all that stuff. I have made attempts to do...
  14. Top of the Mountain

    Top of the Mountain

    A mixed freight begins the long trip down hill as it rolls through Cascade Summit
  15. B_Kosanda

    Photo Enhancement Using Masks

    Here's a Second Attempt This time I chose an actual background scene from the Cascade Sub. I oversprayed the background with partially transparent white to add depth. I also used feathering when I copied the foreground snips. I think this one is better. Bill

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