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Just finished my entry for the NMRBO-2021, or shall I say the deadline came. It probably could have been better but it was a fun run and helped me develop some scenery skills.
Do those Walthers container well cars have a metal weight that attaches to the bottoms to provide weight when car is unloaded?

Can those cars be run with a 53' container on the top of the 40 foot one?
I built the Central Valley double track Pratt bridge, done and painted now,,, only I know where the bodies (mistakes) are buried.
Just trying forums out, been messing with trains for many years. I am really looking for plans or instructions for a brass Pratt bridge, the name of kit is
MIcronart 1080, out of business now so I need the plans.
Primarily an HO Scale modeler. Dabble in some LGB Garden railroading on the side. Looking for tips and tricks to get some operations up and running.

Currently modeling a PRR non-prototypical layout.

NCE DCC Power Cab
Hi,This is Rupy here.Presently located in Colombo.Just got into model railways.Bought a Roco/Fleishmann HO 4-4-0 Steam Locmotive S 6 KPEV with decoder fitted and sound.Electrical supply is AC.I want someone to guide me to set it up.I have only the engine presently.-Thanks.
Can I use the decoder of this engine (AC)with a DCC ready electric locomotive?
Sherrel, Does something eventually happen with the all the "Likes" given? Should I be doing "Likes" also?

Hi this is William again. How are you?

I was just wondering if you got anymore information from your fellow about wiring LEDs to HO crossing gate lights, which is something I hope to start doing some time next year.
Good to hear from you, hope all is well.
No I haven’t gotten in touch with him or anyone for that matter but the articles you’ve posted look like the same thing he did. I did find photos of his module tho:
The whole crazy bug thing has really changed social gatherings in the model train world!

This bug changed everything! I've been trying to get a hold of NJ International but they're not responding. I hope they're okay and that their not mad at me! I say this because I asked if I could use a different flasher for my 1193 cantilever signal and I think one of them felt insulted! I called them on the phone and one of them didn't sound happy. It's a long story!
Thanks for the link by the way!
I was born within earshot of the Monon railroad in southern Indiana back in '54. I was lucky enough to be able to ride on the Monon's passenger train before their passenger service was dicontinued in 1967.
I think you should go back and edit the title on that subject thread "Thoughts". I almost missed it.
What do you suggest, Brian?

There seems to be some interest in a tool forum section , There is an active thread on the subject you may want to read it and see if it is something there worthwhile .
I agree. I'll see what it is to mail it all to that zip code. If that price is reasonable then you can have the lot for that. Once you've gone through them if you feel like anything more is in order then you can share that but I'm mostly trying to not have them go to waste
My thought, exactly. I would hate to see it go to waste.
Hi Bob, I no longer have access to the site, Lloyd
Oops! We ran into some problems.

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Should be fixed now (I hope). I changed permissions so you can edit the attachments, but something went wrong when I did.
I have a problem. I used to get forum updates on my phone with emails. Since your last update, I haven't received a single one. What happened?

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