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Good Morning ! from Tipton IN.





Master Mechanic
Just sittin' here, catching up on a few things. My buddy Warren had come over and we spent the majority of the time doing some "final" debugging of the turntable. While we got it working perfectly well, (Thanks for the suggestions, Glenn! They really worked! The interpretation that I had gotten from the instructions seemed to say that the trip times on the boards could be changed in autoreverse mode.) All in all, I'll bet that after some ground cover and such is eventually applied, we'll be doing this again.:eek:

Warren's gonna be coming back tonight and I've already laid plans out for what we'll be doing.:rolleyes: (Let's see how much actually gets done!) Mostly it'll be testing more cars, as I've tested less than 1/2 of the cars that will eventually go on the layout. We're also gonna discuss removing a holding track.:eek: This track was designed to hold my passenger train, from one op session to the next, but it looks more and more like the best thing will be to just park the train in one of the staging yards, instead of the designed track. Main reason is it will give the passenger train more run on the main and less chance of it getting knocked to the floor. This track was actually a latecomer to the original trackplan, and as such would be no great loss. The lower end will turn into another industrial spur, (Yay, more traffic):p Plus it will actually make the scenery, when I get to it:rolleyes:, be more realistic for the area I'm using as inspiration.

I normally don't make a habit of removing perfectly functioning rail, but in this case, it may be a change for the better. I've also got to check out his SD-70 from Athearn that we put a soundtraxx decoder in. While everything functions on it light wise, and motor wise there is no sound anymore. The decoder checks out perfectly on the programmer, so I'll bet that one of the speaker wires has come unsoldered.:( Funzies!

I also need to get back started on my engine projects that have lain dormant for some time. Right now I have only 11 of my locos that are completely track and train ready. I have 5 kit locos to debug and repaint, 1 kit to start, 4 brass ones to paint, and 2 locos that need decoders, redetailing, and repainting.:eek: Out of the locos that are ready, one articulated could stand some massive redetailing as well.

Seems that I got a full plate of things to do. I could just move down here by the layout permanently, but my wife would get upset. Seems after almost 38 years of marriage, she still ain't learned how to take the garbage out!:p
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Gomez Addams
Staff member
The motor function of the original decoder could be fried. I've done that with a couple of locos. The latest is a Bachmann GP38-2. I have a Digitrax DZ125 decoder piggybacked on the Bachmann decoder. The Bmann decoder handles the lights while the DZ125 controls the motor. Why this setup? The motor function of the Bachmann decoder is crap but the light function works. The motor function of the DZ125 works but it's light function is fried.
Yes, I have too. I have an MRC sound decoder with a bad motor driver that does nothing but generate sound. An NCE decoder moves the engine.
If that's what this turns out to be, I'll call QSI, and see if replacing the chip in the board will fix the problem. If so, that's what I'll do. The thing is, the chip is $5 less than the decoder that was piggybacked in.:confused:...
Maybe they had this decoder, and didn't know what else to do with it. It's been custom-painted, so they probably didn't want to send it back for warranty replacement.


Dr Frankendiesel
Good morning. It's 19° and cloudy with a wind chill of 7°. The high is projected to be 42° and it will be variably cloudy. Tonight's low is due to be 20°.

Think I'm going outside if I don't have to? You'd have better odds betting on the horses! That door between me and the outdoors is staying closed and locked unless there's some emergency that requires my attention. Pipes are frozen but they'll thaw later.


Well, I'm in the middle of another crapstorm of weather here. It's snowin like a president's day white sale. I know I'm not going anywhere unless I have to. Oh and to all you floridians: I hope you get liver spots from all the sun! Nyaa! lol

Steve B

Afternoon all

Glad i'm not in Queensland Australia in that category 5 Pacific Cyclone, it's a monster and in comparison would stretch from the southern tip of Florida to Illinois in the north. Thoughts and prayers for everyone trapped in the path of that baby.

:( just been to the docs and found out i have a varicose vein in my leg, quite a big one to thats going to have to be removed as it's hurting like buggery :(


All new now!
Good morning folks.

It was -8 on my way in to work today. It's sunny out though so I won't complain too much. At least we're not part of that nasty storm going through the country. Well, I take that back. We did get nine inches of snow with 25 mile an hour winds and arctic temps, but that's normal around here!

I continued work on the town of Wells. Last night I made the gravel road from the end of the main drag to the grain elevator. Once that's done tonight I'll begin the vegetation around the elevator. I also ballasted the siding track to the elevator. I'm hoping to mostly cover that over with dirt, weeds and spilled grain.

I have this new found need to cover every unfinished portion of the layout with something. I'm taking each section to a certain level of completeness and moving on. I spent so much time on a few sections that it looks really disjointed with unstarted sections in between. Once the town of Wells gets to a certain point I'll start the final portion. It's a farm and field on the opposite side of Wells. Once that gets started I will have no open sections of painted, flat foam! How exciting!:D

My boss is gone until Tuesday, so ALL of the lights are on!:D
Have a great day everyone.


Active Member
I have no clue if the groundhog saw his shadow, but all im seeing is snow falling from the ground. The school has already called a snowday today, it can stop snowing any time now. :rolleyes: Ive snowblowed twice in the past 24 hrs, and i was asleep for 9 of them. Looks like ill have to go wrestle with the snowblower a few more times, as theres no sign of it stopping.

Hope everyone has a good day.


Sandy- Did you get any snow to go with your COLD?
I've been talking to people in Missouri today and they are getting slammed with snow.

Mikey...we got about 4 inches of snow. Mostly though it was just COLD!!!

-20 with WCF of -36

It's supposed to be in the 40s by friday which will seem balmy :D


Maytag "Danged Agitator"
Just came in from deicing the sidewalk. It was only about 2 1/2" thick. I was sure glad that I put salt on the sidewalk yesterday. Even though the top was solid and hard and Slickeryer than a horned toad I was able to break the crust with the ice breaker thingy I bought yesterday and then just slide it onto the yard. Took me about an hour to do a 30' sidewalk and now Glendia wants me to see if I can do the deck for the ankle biter Chihuahuas she inherited from her parents. Oh well I guess it could have been 3 instead of 2. I think it is nap time first though.


Well-Known Member
Good Morning All,
It's a nice Sunny day with temps in the mid 50's here.

Alan Graas asked me to go over to his place to help him get his layout started this morning so I'll be doing that is a little bit.

Hope everyone has a good day.


Dr Frankendiesel
Got the frozen pipe cleared finally. I had a hair dryer going on it for close to two hours before I got a trickle from the taps. After a few more minutes it was running full force. I went out and rewrapped that part of the pipe real good and put a layer or two of steel wool around it as well. Next time them pesky critters chew on the wrap it'll be terminal for them.


Dr Frankendiesel
Will whoever left the door between here and the north pole please kick it closed! I'm tired of this cold wind! The weather guesser is talking about snow for Friday and sometime next week. Personally I'd be happy if I never saw a snowflake again.


Maytag "Danged Agitator"
Oh Goody snow for the super bowl/ Yee Haw!!! And some of those super intelligent idiots were bemoaning the fact that Detroit had the super bowl and next year INDY is supposed to if no lockout or labor stoppage happens. Although it seems that the last few years we have had a major winter storm around super bowl time.

vato loco

Just a Foolish Saint!
74* and overcast here!:D I'm waiting for the bottom to fall out of my wagon and the weather to get cold again!:mad: Damn, Global Warming;):rolleyes:

Jeff sounds like you need to move down here! No Snow!

vato loco

Just a Foolish Saint!
Got the frozen pipe cleared finally. I had a hair dryer going on it for close to two hours before I got a trickle from the taps. After a few more minutes it was running full force. I went out and rewrapped that part of the pipe real good and put a layer or two of steel wool around it as well. Next time them pesky critters chew on the wrap it'll be terminal for them.

What a way to go, craping Barfing out out Steel Wool! Wrap it in the stuff thats made in china and they could die from lead poising!:);)


Crusty Old Geezer
Just over 10" of the cold white stuff on the ground here. And the wind makes it bad for wearinga kilt!!!!!!!!!!!

Packers -10. For you non-betting individuals, the Packers will win by 10.



Maytag "Danged Agitator"
Bob here just south of Anderson we only got about 2 1/2" of ice and very little snow. I think I would rather have the snow though at least I could get the tractor out and plow it out of the way. I is tarred of chipping away at ice plates and then havving to shovel them out of the way so's I can chip some more ice plates.
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