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A recent article in MR got me to thinkin about a work area and i thought this might turn into a interesting topic!

Lets see some photos of your workbench, work area, etc etc etc you get the idea. I'll post mine after I get it setup over this week..


Ok, I will bite first. This is my bench 30"x60". It used to be 8 feet long, but ended up being more of a storage shelf than a workbench.

To the left are some wall shelves, drill press, and another small bench used for work on electrical giz whatsits. Too messy right now for pixs.


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Will edit in pictures when I get home, I have two, one is a roll around desk that fits under my layout, the other is outside my train room, thats where my drill press and lathe and compressor and spraying area is.


ROLL UNDER LAYOUT WORK BENCH I installed the two drawers under my layout( just above rollaround ) as well, thats where I keep all my plastruct and evergreen plastics, Left drawer also hold bigger tools, pliers, large scissors etc.
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My 'workbench' is anyspot on the layout without track on it!! I like the idea of a rollaway bench though, thanks Gappleg.



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My workbench isn't really supposed to be a workbench:eek: - it's a bar in a corner of my family room. However, it gradually morphs from being a 'workbench' into a storage area - until my wife says we're having people over and I need to clear away all the stuff off the countertop, pronto:eek:, to make the place presentable for our guests. The cycle then starts repeating itself the day after the party.

Will post pix later, if I remember...

Well here they are, the pix of my [sometimes] workbench.

This first view is what a visitor* sees when they walk past the front:

If they were to peek around back, this is what they'd see:

When I was scratchbuilding my ore bridge, the countertop in the first image was literally piled 2ft high with tools, materials and debris!

*I'm talking about non-casual guests, not everyday friends!;)
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SpaceMouse said:

That's just too neat to be a work bench.

:D Not anymore!:D
What you can't see is all the stuff a grabbed up for the photo (that is now back on the workbench).:rolleyes:
This is why I thought the thread would be kinda popular to see what everybody else has and maybe pickup a few 'neat~o' ideas along the way. Something different from the 'norm'

My problem @ home is the workbench ive got currently is holding all my ham radio gear, soldering station, R/C battery Chargers, power Supply, Stereo, TV, PS2, plus a whole bunch o Junk! Gotta get it cleaned up and presentable before I snap some pics. Plus im gonna be moving it from its current locale to the other room, and moving in my snap~on Roll Cab Toolbox and using that more instead of crap just sitting on it.. thats a expensive crap holder!

Great pix ya'll..thanks for letting us peek into your workshops. :eek: :D


Here is mine. This part of my basement was a coal bunker at one time, had a big oil tank here when I moved in. You can't tell in the photo but the floor has some slope to it. i figure this was to help the coal come to the front of the bunker.


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RexHea said:
:D Not anymore!:D
What you can't see is all the stuff a grabbed up for the photo (that is now back on the workbench).:rolleyes:

Whew! For a minute I was thinking you might be a blankety-blank Rivet Counter. :eek:


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I have a very nice workbench! Its an old conference room table 12' long. Half is piled high with "junque" and the other half is piled high with,,,, more "junque". Result is that because I have tools scattered all over the layout, I guess anywhere flat right now is my workbench.


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Lady_Railfan said:
Here's my other workbench. I'll bet you don't have to pull weeds off yours. :D
Is that an abondoned branch line, or do you just need a weed sprayer train!?


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Hey, Josh --- That's a great idea! Or maybe I should have a layout "open house" and have everyone who lives nearby bring their garden gloves. :D

Old 97

Here's an old pic of my work bench.
Still looks pretty much the same now though........

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Personaly I use the computer desk, considering its the only desk I'm allowed to have on base...
Oh come on you know you can!!! just do like rex, grab up some of the 'eberassment' off it snap a picture with the free hand, or setup a tripod w/ timer if the emberassment requires two hands..

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